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You Are Not a Robot

Don’t worry, the chiros at The Spinal Frontier are not robots either. They may crack a joke. They actually care how your day is going and what your pet bearded dragon’s name is.

Phone (Call or Text): (612) 721-8926

Dr. Tracie

Pink RobotDr. Tracie Fowler

Dr. Tracie created The Spinal Frontier. She believes that the healthier you are, the more fun you have. You will feel that when you walk in the door! She has been a fun chiro for 17 years. She has spent way to many hours becoming a nutrition nerd. So be sure to ask her any questions about diet and supplements you can come up with. She’s got 2 kids, one of which, Gabriel came up with the name, “The Spinal Frontier,” while hanging with friends. Dr.Tracie loves her 1960s Schwinn 3 speed, traveling, backpack camping and sleeping in here and there.

Little known fact: Dr. Tracie has a rather alarming collection of reusable grocery bags, in fact, she is actually forbidden from buying anymore.

Dr. Courtney Bliese

Pink RobotCourtney Bliese

Dr. Courtney loves all things outside. In the summers she is sailing or swimming and in the winter she enjoys cross country skiing and even the occasional cold weather run. She loves to dive into wellness through food and is usually trying a new recipe to support her health.

Little known fact: Dr. Courtney loves to read and usually reads around 50 books a year

Dr. Tyler Ediger

Pink RobotTyler Ediger

Dr. Tyler was living in Kansas until a couple of tornadoes by the name of Work and his wife Jordan picked him up and landed him here in the Great White North. He enjoys staying active by weightlifting, playing soccer, and riding his motorcycle, as well as chasing his two boys around the house. He even goes on some runs with his wife (who is much better at it than he). He believes that movement is life when it comes to the human body and his passion is helping everyone who comes to see him achieve the most movement that they can on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves.

Little known fact: Dr. Tyler may know more about the random subjects of Farming and Star Wars than the average Chiropractor.


You Are Not a Robot

Because you eat a hard shell taco and instinctively tilt your head to the side.

And because you truly are NOT a robot, you don’t have spare parts (ok…some of you may get a new hip or knee, but you can’t get a new brain, though there may be those that wish you could). Anyway, your stellar chiropractors will give you ADJUSTMENTS to your spine, to make sure your CPU is communicating with your body at 100%, all the time. This is so that none of those messages become distorted. This results in the best, healthiest version of you, ever!!! (Be careful with that neck when eating tacos!)

Phone (Call or Text): (612) 721-8926


You Are Not a Robot

Unlike a robot, you will procrastinate by taking an online quiz that tells you which Harry Potter house you’re in. Then you will argue with the results of the online quiz that tells you which Harry Potter house you’re in, and then create a new profile so you can take the quiz again.

We never want to see you take better care of your car or robot, or robotic car than YOU! So if something just isn’t feeling right, or you believe in taking the very best care of yourself, definitely call, text or email us now. (We accept members of all Harry Potter Houses.)


Minneapolis Hours:

Monday: 7:30-10:30am, 3:30-6:30pm
Tuesday & : 7:30-10:30am & 1:00-4:00pm
Wednesday: 7:30-10:30am & 3:30-6:30pm
Thursday: 2:00 – 6:00pm
Friday: 7:30-10:30am & 1:00-4:00pm

Phone (Call or Text): (612) 721-8926


You Are Not a Robot

Because you will watch a looped video of someone tripping and laugh every time.

You may not be a robot, but you probably have GPS. So click the map below and you will be guided to the spinal Frontier of your choice. If you don’t have GPS or don’t believe that it even exists, you can ask a friendly neighbor for help, check the map below, or call us and we will guide you in.

Minneapolis location:

4154 28th Ave S
Minneapolis, Minnesota
(612) 721-8926 (Call or Text)

Phone (Call or Text): (612) 721-8926


You Are Not a Robot

Oh no! Because it will take you at least three tries to insert a USB cable correctly.

But that’s OK! Because you know a good thing when you see it. And visiting The Spinal Frontier is a VERY good thing.

You see, this is not your Mom’s doctor clinic (unless she is one of those cool and hippy Moms that wouldn’t let you eat Wonder Bread and let you stay home from school just to hang out once in a while)

Your chiros at the Spinal Frontier:
We want to know the names of your kids, bunnies, cats, dogs and even any reptiles or amphibians who are part of your family.

We want to know what’s going on in life, stresses, what kind of stuff you eat, upcoming vacations, how much sleep you got last night and anything else that relates to your well-being.

We make your well-being our #1 priority when you walk in the door (hence the cool music, essential oils being diffused, smile and even a hug here and there, and of course, a STELLAR adjustment)!

We are so interested in you using chiropractic to get well and STAY well, that we have an amazing monthly membership option that lets you get all the care you need for one low price, so you can actually get well and stay at your A game. The value of what we offer for the price is so incredible that we can’t even put it on this website. So call us now and we will tell you all about our services, fees and membership option.

Phone (Call or Text): (612) 721-8926

  • ” These guys simply rock and their unique business model makes it so convenient and easy! Love their membership structure. Both chiropractors at this clinic are amazing and I’ve never had to wait more than 5 minutes to be seen with their walk-in policy. ”
    -Christopher Mohs
  • ” They are great , their knowledge and understanding of the body is amazing .
    They have helped me so much to recover from a car accident and from sciatic pain . I highly recommend ”
    -Israel llerena
  • ” No appointment needed. I have been going for years. I trust Dr. Tracie. Very friendly and concerned about my health.”
    -Gail Johansen
  • ” Tracie is so awesome! She really takes her time to help you understand everything. Helping people is definitely her main focus. I was willing to drive 1.5 hours to see her just on a recommendation and it was so worth it. Her technique really works. Thanks Tracie! ”
    -amanda tuynman


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